The Role of Baptist Associations in Church Growth and Development in Valrico, Florida

As an organization, we strive to support churches in Valrico, Florida by encouraging pastors and staff, equipping pastoral and lay leaders, and helping churches engage their followers. The Investment Fund for Church Growth (CGIF) is a tool that improves the evangelical impact of members of the churches of the Florida Baptist Convention. Since 1991, Florida Baptist Financial Services has been providing churches with the resources they need to make more disciples across their land, while offering investors with returns that drive their evangelical mission. The JBA partners with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to plant churches, train and equip church planters, promote evangelization, and coordinate disaster relief efforts of member churches.

Baptists on Mission exists to glorify God by involving churches and Christians in meeting human needs in the name of Jesus. The CGIF is a great cash management solution to maximize the resources of reserve or savings accounts and, at the same time, promote the Mission of the Gospel in Florida.

Encouraging Pastors and Staff

It is essential to work with pastors and other mission leaders to plan, promote, and carry out missionary opportunities in which the church family can participate. The JBA collaborates with the International Mission Board (IMB) in different ways to help member churches develop a culture of sending and to continue participating in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Equipping Pastoral and Lay Leaders

For more than 30 years, the Church Growth Investment Fund (CGIF) has been helping Baptist churches in South Florida take advantage of the Kingdom so that they can increase their influence on the Gospel through their facilities. The CGIF provides cash management and funding solutions to Florida Baptist Convention churches and associated ministries to purchase, renovate, build and refinance facilities to improve the church's ability to make disciples there.

Engaging Followers

The Director of Baptist Men must represent the entire Baptist Men program in the Council of the Church, as well as in the Missions Council of the church. CGIF Loan Resources/Church Growth Investment Fund provides permanent and building loans to churches and associations affiliated with the Florida Baptist Convention.

CHM provides medical care, education for children and adults, employment and care for orphans in the Cabaret region of Haiti, while sharing the hope of a life in Christ.

Florida Baptist Convention

The Florida Baptist Convention is a network of churches that spans across the entire state. It has a team of staff whose sole purpose is to stand alongside Florida's Baptist churches and pastors. We help members of Florida Baptist Convention churches turn money into an investment that does just that - promotes their unique impact in the Kingdom - while providing competitive performance.

Education Opportunities

Applicants must hold a ministerial-level position and be enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree program at a Southern Baptist college or seminary to earn a degree. The Florida Baptist Association is proud to be one of the oldest associations of Southern Baptist churches in Florida.