Joining a Baptist Association in Valrico, Florida: Requirements and Benefits

Are you looking to join a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida? If so, you should be aware of the requirements and benefits associated with such an affiliation. The Florida Baptist Association is the oldest association of Southern Baptist churches in the state of Florida and is proud to offer its members a variety of advantages. In this article, we'll explore the criteria for joining a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida and the benefits that come with such an affiliation. In order to become part of a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida, churches must meet certain criteria.

These are outlined in Statute 4 (a) of the Statutes of the Convention of the Baptist State of Florida. Churches must also be affiliated with the Florida Baptist State Convention as a General Church. Additionally, churches must adhere to a theology, faith, practice, or policy that is consistent with the historical model of associative ministry and the requirements defined below. The Board of Directors of the Florida Baptist Convention may recommend to the State Convention that it approve an anticipated section of the Basic Budget of the Florida Baptist Convention that proposes the distribution of anticipated revenues from the Cooperative Program that exceeds the amount required for the annual core budget. This section will ensure that the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention is designated to share revenues that exceed the core budget at the same percentage rate as it receives from the core budget.

The Board may also modify the distribution of income receipts from the Advance Payments Section in the year following receipt of excess revenue. The Nominating Committee will give due consideration to nominating individuals who reflect the ethnic and cultural diversity of Baptist churches in Florida. If an association decides to suggest candidates to the Nominating Committee, it must submit at least two people for consideration. The chair of this Committee shall schedule a period during its meeting for an executive officer of each cooperating ministry of the Florida Baptist State Convention to discuss with it the qualifications required for individuals to be nominated to serve on their respective board of directors. Cooperating associations are entitled to certain defined benefits provided by the State Convention through its cooperating ministry, the Florida Baptist Convention, Inc. These benefits include permanent loans requested by a cooperating ministry and reserve funds held at the Florida Baptist Foundation, a division of Florida Baptist Financial Services, Inc.

In addition, when developing its annual budget, “previous year” shall be defined as the period in which all Cooperative Program revenues received occurred between June 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year. In April of each year, the president of the Nominating Committee shall notify in writing both the moderator and mission director of each association about vacancies in its cooperating committees, boards, commissions, corporations and ministries. Any church or association that is dedicated to a questionable theology, faith, practice or policy will be subject to withdrawal by the Florida Baptist State Convention. Joining a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida can provide churches with many advantages. These include access to permanent loans requested by a cooperating ministry and reserve funds held at the Florida Baptist Foundation. In addition, churches can benefit from an anticipated section of Basic Budget that ensures that Cooperative Program revenues are shared at same percentage rate as it receives from core budget.

Finally, churches can benefit from ethnic and cultural diversity reflected in nominees for board positions.