Uniting Christians to Serve God: International Missions Work of Baptist Associations in Valrico, Florida

Baptists on Mission is an organization that exists to glorify God by uniting churches and Christians in meeting human needs in the name of Jesus. This organization mobilizes teams to work together with the Armenian Baptist Union, Good Shepherd Ministries in Central Guatemala, Cuban Eastern Baptist Convention, Baptist Union of Moldova, and Door of Hope Children's Mission to complete strategic projects around the world. In Armenia, teams have the opportunity to participate in medical clinics, pastors conferences, eyeglass distribution, conferences for women, VBS, teaching for seminary students, sports camps, and more. Financial contributions are also needed for construction materials and for hiring some Armenians to help with construction.

In Guatemala, teams will help build the Good Shepherd Center and its surroundings. In Cuba, North Carolina volunteer teams will have the opportunity to participate in several construction projects. In Moldova, churches commit to financially supporting the work of a church planter for five years and can also form teams to carry out mutually agreed projects or ministries. In Ukraine, Baptists on Mission serves Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) living in western Ukraine through medical clinics and the construction of a food building, medical clinics and a church.

In Hungary and Romania, Hungarian Baptist Aid and Baptists on Mission are working among Roma (Gypsies) in Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. In South Africa, Baptists on Mission has partnered with Door of Hope Children's Mission to develop a village housing abandoned children and babies near Johannesburg. In addition to international missions work, Baptists on Mission also supports the Florida Children's Home which provides services to children in need across the state. Agustín Quiles is uniting Florida's Latino Christians to serve God and advocate for social justice. Baptists on Mission is an incredible organization that provides an opportunity for churches and Christians to serve God by meeting human needs around the world. Through this organization, churches can financially support church planters in Moldova or form teams to carry out mutually agreed projects or ministries in Armenia, Guatemala, Cuba, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania or South Africa.