Conflict Resolution in Valrico, Florida Baptist Associations

Jesus teaches us that the best way to handle conflicts or disagreements among members is to go in private first. This is the most effective step to take as it has the potential to prevent further issues from arising. It is important to seek advice from various sources, such as church members, denominational leaders, or former pastors, in order to come up with a consensual idea. If this advice is not heeded, it can lead to the church dividing.

Paul's letter to the Corinthian Church provides an opportunity to prevent a disaster. According to a national consultant, mediation is becoming increasingly popular as a tool for resolving church conflicts. Groups have been formed at the request of directors of relations between churches and ministers at a dozen state Baptist conventions. The state association would be interested in knowing how conflicts are handled before recommending parents send their children to camp.

Smith views conflicts in churches as similar to those in families. When a conflict arises, he applies Jesus' principle quite literally. After taking steps to resolve the conflict, Jesus teaches us how to treat someone who does not want or repent. Those interested in receiving mediation help or training can contact the director of relations between the church and ministers of the Baptist convention in their state.

In some states, it is mandatory for certain types of associations and is facilitated by an arbitrator (sometimes more than one). Lawyers represent both parties. Smith receives help on a regular basis and leads an annual seminar at the Sunday School Board. Research shows that nine out of ten churches experiencing serious conflict result in the pastor resigning or being asked to leave.

A conflict of interest occurs when a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could alter the motivation of an act in favor of another interest. The board evaluates camps sponsored by the state association to confirm they are behaving appropriately and deserve support from the state association.