Guidelines and Rules for Baptist Associations in Valrico, Florida

Are you a member of a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida? If so, you may be curious about the regulations that members must follow. In this article, we'll discuss the guidelines and rules that members of Baptist associations in Valrico, Florida must adhere to. When creating the annual budget, the “previous year” is defined as the period in which all Cooperative Program revenues were received between June 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year. The Board may suggest to the State Convention that it approve an anticipated section of the Basic Budget of the Florida Baptist Convention that proposes the distribution of anticipated revenues from the Cooperative Program that surpasses the amount required for the annual core budget.

Any anticipated section of the annual core budget should guarantee that the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention is designated to share revenues that exceed the core budget at the same percentage rate as it receives from the core budget. The Board may, for valid reasons, modify the distribution of income receipts from the Advance Payments Section in the year following receipt of excess revenue. Such an action would require a two-thirds majority vote from all voting Board members. The Board will report on such action during the next annual meeting of the State Convention.

In order to become a member of a Baptist association in Valrico, Florida, a person must be a disciple of Jesus Christ and provide biblical evidence of regeneration. They must also be baptized in obedience to Christ after their conversion and commit to following Jesus Christ as Lord according to Scripture. Additionally, they must agree to submit to the teaching of Scripture as expressed in the New Hampshire Confession (185) and promise to fulfill the commitments expressed in the Church Covenant. Furthermore, members must affirm both the “Chicago Declaration on Biblical Inerrancy” (197) and “Danvers Declaration on Biblical Manhood and Femininity” (198).

Copies of these statements are available at church offices. Deacons serve churches in various capacities under direction of elders, focusing mainly on physical needs. Elders are responsible for determining each person's qualification for membership. In making this determination, they can rely on a profession of faith, character of life, and any other evidence they deem appropriate.

Any believer seeking to become a member must communicate their desire to elders, receive and work through a membership package, submit completed forms, meet with one or more elders for a membership interview, and agree to attend membership classes provided by elders. Once a candidate is admitted as a member, they resign their membership in other churches. New members are formally welcomed to churches at Lord's Supper Services and encouraged to share their testimony with church families. Anyone wishing to join a church after receiving a letter of recommendation from another evangelical church of similar faith and order must present such a letter or promise from it to elders.

Additionally, anyone who meets requirements must apply for membership with elders and be accepted after baptism by immersion into church membership. Elders will consider on an individual basis membership status for disabled people, incarcerated people, Christian workers, and others whose relationship with churches involves special consideration and circumstances. On recommendation from elders and approval from congregations, letters of dismissal will be delivered to members who request them in writing provided they are up-to-date and not subject to corrective disciplinary measures or already under them at time of request. If a member is routinely absent from declared meetings without just cause or is unwilling to resolve conflicts or resolve differences in a biblical manner or requests separation from membership, they may be excluded from membership at discretion of elders subject to approval by congregation. Letters of recommendation from elders and approval from congregations will be granted to evangelical churches that request them provided member is in good standing and not subject to disciplinary action or already being subject to disciplinary action at time.